Know your budget?  See what you can get for your money!  

$10 "B.Y.O.tees"  

Bring-Your-Own-Tees!  Supply your own garments and get a 2 color design, or get 2 locations with 1 color each for only $10/tee!

(15 garment minimum - some fabric restrictions apply)

$15 "Family" Custom Tees

(6 shirt minimum)  1 color design on Canvas brand tees.

$25 custom hoodie deal

Get 24 zip up hoodies for $25 a piece!  1 Heart print and 1 back print, 1 color each location.

$100 "Tote 'special" 

Get 25 natural canvas totes printed with a 1 color design

$175  "Sample run"

12 Next Level 3001 tees, 1 color, 5 day turnaround!

$300 "Band merch"

50 black or white Hanes Nano tees, 1 color design with 1 free color change!  Mix and match white and black tees, and get your design printed in 2 different colors

$350 "CMYK deal"

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) Deal.  Would you like to recreate a photographic, painterly, or psychedelic image on a tee?  This deal is for you!  CMYK is a printing process that creates the illusion of thousands of colors from only 4 ink colors.  Using halftone dots and the best techniques in printmaking, the entire spectrum can be printed on your white garments!  Get 25 white Next Level 3001s with your CMYK image for $350!

... or get a custom quote!