Working with workmanship, hard work, and dignity.

Workmanship Co. wants to work with you to make your project, product, or idea a wearable reality!  We are here to help with printing and design services.  Have an idea but don't know how to translate it into a great print?  Workmanship offers art and design services and can manage your project from start to finish.  Work with us to create a finished design you would be proud to wear on your sleeve!


  •  If you are ready to get a quote please fill out this form.  Include as much information as possible.  Submissions will be processed and quoted within 48 hours.  
  • All quotes will be provided in writing and honored for 3 months.  
  • Quotes and estimates are subject to changes made to number of colors, amount of garments and number of placements.  Changes made after an estimate has been approved will be included on invoice. 
  • For list of additional costs look here.   
  • A final estimate will be provided and must be approved by client.    


  • Standard turn around time, from initial deposit and once all files have been received, is 10 days.  
  • Rush fees, for jobs due in 9 days or less, will be applied based on time and availability. 


  • A non-refundable deposit of blank costs (unprinted tees) will be provided with your final quote and must be paid before work on your order can begin.  
  • State Sales Tax will be applied to your order.  If you are reselling and have a reseller's permit please fill out this form.
  • Workmanship Co. accepts cash, check, credit card, and Venmo
  • Final payment is due upon pick-up, delivery, or shipment.


  • Submitted artwork files should be high resolution (ideally 300 dpi).  They should be Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd) or PDF files.  If a certain text is used in photoshop please rasterize, if it is in illustrator please outline or expand.  Otherwise, please email text file (.ttf).
  • We will assume artwork is made to scale, unless otherwise noted.
  • Workmanship offers graphic design and art help, translating ideas or napkin sketches into professional and printable designs and files.


Each piece is hand loaded, printed and folded and during this process garments can be misprinted.  Our policy is 3% underage/overage on garments we order, and 5% underage on customer supplied garments.  Please keep this in mind if a specific number of garments is required.  

If 3% or less of your garments are missing or rejected you will be refunded, if more than 3% of your garments are missing or rejected apparel will be reprinted or partially refunded.  Not responsible for refunding damaged customer supplied goods.

Screens remain the property of Workmanship Co.  No artwork will be reprinted without your request. We are not liable for any copyright infringement that may occur in your submitted artwork.  

Unless specifically requested, we reserve the right to use photos of the work we do for you for promotional purposes and promotional purposes only- ie. our website, Instagram,  etc.  Please let us know if your image can not be shared by us for these purposes.