One day there will be WORKMANSHIP PRESS, WORKMANSHIP STUDIOS, WORKMANSHIP DESIGN and even a real WORKMANSHIP SHOP perhaps.  Michael and Kari Workman were somehow born with extraordinary talents and wish to share with the world their ideas of how it should look, be perceived, and be created.  "Workmanship" is defined by us as hard-work, dignity, quality, process, context and overall aesthetics and humor.  As young capitalists we are venturing into the free market unprepared and underfunded, with only our labor and new, brotherly, logo to sell.  Like "Kick-starter" (TM, (C), R ) this SquareSpace site will give us that "kick" in the direction of our goals without the gift baskets and thank you cards.  However, by purchasing an item from this site you will receive an item of equal value and our undying gratitude.  Help us pay student loans and rent, support us now and expect to see great things in the near future!  



hard-work and dignity
— Michael Workman, 2013